40 Creative Outdoor Benches DIY Ideas and Tutorials

Creative Outdoor Benches

Creative Outdoor Benches

Whether you are building your own outdoor furniture, or giving the old ones a fresh look, there are several obstacles that you might face. Since, our outdoor furniture is the first thing guests will look at, it is important that we place the ideal eye-candy which gives out a good impression.

Here is a list of 40 amazing ideas and tips that you can act upon to give your outdoor space exactly what is needs.

Headboard Bench

If you have a headboard lying around, do not waste it. Headboard benches make for excellent back pieces. The wood is also solid which is not something you should discard. Give this piece a nice polish that makes it shine and look ready to rest outside your house.

Outdoor Convertible Coffee Table Bench

It always a good idea to have a furniture piece that is able to perform more than one function. This incredible coffee table is not just a table, as you can convert it into a bench too. This will save you space in your garden when your little one wants to play around.

Concrete Block Bench for Outdoor

This is a very unique piece which is made by mixing two materials. The main part is the cement which will help you do wonders. Add as many cushions you want and make yourself a comfortable seating.

Hexagon Cedar Tree Bench

If your backyard has a tree you can play around with it by constructing a hexagon bench around it. It will surround the tree providing a seating place.

French Bench from Repurposed Barstool Legs

French furniture pieces have gained popularity around the world. Here, the barstool legs are used and repurposed to create a wooden top. It is totally up to you to paint it or not. You can also leave it unfinished to give it a more traditional look.

Crate Bench

This a bench that is made by joining crates. It is very easy to make and enjoy. All you have to do is join three identical crates opening forward and that’s pretty much about it.

Outdoor Bench with Arbor

This is a bench made in a vintage-style. The perfect furniture piece that can keep inside too. You are required to make a roof for your bench which will be made by two pieces of wood, two large lattice boards and smaller boards that will help join the pieces and make the seating space.

Cement Blocks and Wood Garden Bench

Another seating piece that is made by cement blocks. The sides are made with cement blocks all joined together while the seat and back are made with wide slats of smooth wood.

Wood Pallet Garden Bench

You can do almost anything with pallets. They are easy to use and can be improvised to make new pieces. This outdoor bench has a curve-like structure which can be installed around a fire pit. You have to make three identical benches which are connected together.

Bench from a Metal Headboard

Just the way you can make use of the wooden headboard, you can also use metal headboards. These are used for the back while the seating is made from soft wood.

Sturdy 2×4 Bench

The traditional bench where everything is made from standard long pieces of wood.

Rustic Garden Bench

This bench is simple and iconic. It requires two thick logs which act as the two legs of the bench. A wide piece of wood is placed on the top.

West Elm Bench Knock-off

Do not spend heavily on the high-end benches you find at department stores when you can easily replicate one yourself. This bench requires simple and easy material that will be enough to bring it all together.

Rustic Stone Garden Bench

This bench has two legs and one counter top. It might appear simple and easy, when in fact it is not.

Wooden Slat Bench

The wooden slat bench made from textured slats will give you’re the traditional and vintage charm altogether. It has no arm rests, you only have to work to join the slats for the legs and seat.

East Modern Wooden Bench

This bench gives an impression of minimalistic design. It is a bench that gives off a very modern look which is made from nothing more than using planks of plain wood.

Rustic Bench with Crate Storage

This bench is made with storage crates all aligned and join together to make the bottom. The top seating place is made with an entirely different wooden piece which creates a great contrast.

Outdoor Bench

Another bench that has a modern feel. It is multipurpose, as you can use it as a shelf too. It has thick legs and a thick counter top which gives a bulky look.

Rustic X-Bench

This bench is made by joining two similar pieces together which have an X in the bottom.

Double X Bench

Similar bench with more than one X in the bottom. Made from planks that have a double X-brace running through the middle.

X Brace Bench

Another bench of the similar concept. Adding an X in the bottom is not just to make the bench look good, in fact it adds to the sturdiness of the bench.

Patio Block Bench

This bench requires minimum nails or other joinery materials. It is made from two towers of stones garden pavers with one thick plank supported in the middle which acts as the seat.

Stone and Wood Bench

This bench has one smooth piece of wood for the seating with two identical stone columns placed below each end. Giving a very traditional look.

Corner Bench

These benches are great if you have less space. They can easily make use of a corner. You can also add a table where the two benches meet which can give users another facility of keeping their stuff.

Recycled Chair Garden Bench

We might have never thought about using our chairs as a bench, but it is actually a pretty cool idea to work with. This process is the same that you have carried out with the headboard. Keep the backs of the chair which will become the two ends of your bench.

Stacked Blocks and Capstones Bench

A perfect bench if you are not looking for something too extra and modern-y.

Sardinian Stone and Wooden Slab Bench\

The name of this bench pretty much explains how it looks and the material that is required to complete it. Big Sardinian stones are placed at the two ends which work as the legs with a wooden countertop for seating.

Pallet Wood Bench

For this you can use recycled pallets and make three similar structures. Join them and there you are! Your Pallet Wood Bench is ready to use.

Storage Bench

The ideal bench which gives you the practicality you are looking for. The seat is a big box which can be open and place items inside. It can be a pretty good secret space where you can hide your things easily.

Solid Cherry Bench

Solid Cherry Garden Bench which has a thick wooden slab as a seat and two thinner ones from the same wood which work for the legs. The finish is smooth and curvy which gives it a perfect look.

Garden Bench from a Bed

If your bed is no longer in use, do not through it away just yet. Y do not through it away just yet. Here is a cool idea where you can use the back of the bed to make the back of the bench!

Rustic Bench

A very different bench that is made from distressed wood to give out a modern look and complete finish.

Concrete and Wood Bench

We have seen above how different benches are made from either wood or cement or stones. This is the bench where you use the best of both worlds and make a fine furniture piece.

Planter Box Bench

This bench is very classy. It is also able to do more than just provide seating space. It has two planters on both the sides which are made from the similar wood.

Outdoor Bench with Table

The fun thing about this bench is that it appears as if there are two chairs placed together, when in fact it is a bench that just looks like it.

Farm House Glider Bench

A complicated structure which requires ladder-like planks to finish the system. The back is made easily as it requires minimum effort. It also requires two different patterns of X on both the sides to finish the look.

Storage Bench

Another multipurpose bench where the seat is a box which can be used to place more stuff.

Pottery Barn Bench

This bench is a recreation, mainly because the inspiration comes from Pottery Barn. It has a trapeze shape seat which is wide at the stop and narrow at the bottom along with two triangle legs.

Concrete Bench

This basic bench has minimum design. It is simple and gives off a neat look.

Planter Bench

This bench has two planters on its sides. Each end features a wooden planter made from the same material. Slab are used to create the rest of the structure.


Outdoor benches are similar and different from rest of the benches, altogether. However, the effort and technique that is required to pull everything off is similar. When building outdoor furniture, it is important to be sure whether the material used is water proof, insect proof, etc.

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