50+ Easy Crafts for Kids with Paper and Simple Materials ANYONE Can Make!


It is always a good idea to engage kids in some sort of healthy activity that helps them learn a thing or two. Easy crafts for kids is a great way to keep kids busy and entertained is to engage them in some arts and crafts activity that they can carry out either indoors or out on the lawn.

Origami Animals

Origami animals are a creative form of paper art that can be made by folding paper. Origami conjures up images of cranes and frogs, but its potential is vast – you can create all sorts of animals with it.

Crafting origami animals requires a few essential items, namely:

  1. Paper: To make origami art, you’ll need to source special paper. Origami paper comes in thin rectangular shapes and is available at most craft stores for purchase.
  2. Scissors: For precise cutting, ensure you have a sharp pair of scissors to shape the paper accordingly.
  3. Pencil: To accurately fold your paper, you’ll need a pencil to guide you.
  4. Ruler: Accurately measuring the paper for folding necessitates a ruler.
  5. Bone folder: If you’re looking to make perfect folds in origami paper, look no further than the bone folder. Available at most craft stores, this tool is designed to give clean, crisp edges that are essential for beautifully crafted origami creations!

With all of the necessary materials to hand, you are now ready to commence creating exquisite origami animals!

Prepare your kids Caddy!

There are a hundred excellent crafts for kids with paper and simple materials. However, first things first, prepare a caddy for your kids! This can be a box, container, or any storage piece that will store all the arts and crafts material that will be needed to make such masterpieces. It is a creative idea to customize the caddy by painting it and pasting stickers or ribbons, just like the little one wants.

Summer Sewing Cards

If your kids like sewing, or you want them to learn how to sew, you can engage them in making sewing cards. These cards are regular color printed cards where you sew patterns with colorful threads. Kids can use them as birthday invitation cards for their friends or as thank you cards for their grandparents.

Friendship Bracelets

Crafting friendship bracelets is a fun and easy task for children of all ages. To make your own, simply follow these straightforward instructions – get some colorful yarn or thread and you’re ready to go!

  1. Select the colors you wish to incorporate into your design. Utilize a maximum of two or more hues for an eye-catching look!
  2. Snip the yarn into even lengths. For each color, you will require approximately 18 inches (45 cm).
  3. First, create a slipknot in one of the yarn strands and thread it onto your thumb.
  4. To make a “loop” knot, take the other end of your yarn and wrap it around your pinky finger. Your tiny loop is now complete!
  5. To complete the loop knot, direct the yarn that is currently around your finger over it. Then, pass it through the hole to secure its position.
  6. Synchronize the knot by tugging both ends of the yarn with balanced pressure to create an even braid. If your bracelets become lopsided, try again and make sure that you pull in unison for a secure result.
  7. Continue repeating steps 4-6 until you reach the desired length for your bracelet. Securely knot off and trim away any remaining yarn to finish your design.

Custom Flip Flops

Flip Flops. Who doesn’t enjoy wearing flip flips, especially when it’s summer? Get a pair of simple flip-flops and let your kid do the rest by decorating it in his or her style.

Embellished Glasses

Moreover, give your kid a chance to turn regular objects like sunglasses, a pen, or a wristwatch into something more fun and embellished. Let your kid embellish her sunglasses. A little bit of drama hurt nobody, right? Past colorful feathers over the top of the sunglasses and let them look even better.

Boat Fresco

They can also make tiny boats using different thicknesses of paper to give them a 3D look.

Sparkle Fireworks Poms Poms

Use basic flashy materials and cut them all in the same lengths to connect the ends and form sparkle fireworks poms. They can be perfect for the 4th of July.

Painting wooden boxes

Almost every kid enjoys painting. Kids can start with painting on a piece of paper and move on to painting wooden boxes. Look for any wooden box that is no longer in use and let your kid paint it with vibrant colors into something fresh and new.

The Hanging Jellyfish

Hanging Jellyfish is another cool craft that kids can enjoy making. It requires paper plates and woolen threads with some paint to finish the look. Hang them later in their room so that they feel appreciated.

Dory Cap

Kids can also make a Nemo or Dory baseball cap. All they need is a regular cap to glue the ears, and eyes on and put up a dory face.

Fairy Lights Lamps

Kids can also work with fairy lights as they love anything that glows in the dark.

Tin Can Bowling

Kids can also make their own game of Tin Can Bowling where they will be able to paint regular cans and stack them up. Bring any ball and there! You have your arcade.

Sponge Balls

Kids can even make their own colorful sponge balls. This craft will last forever with them. They are very easy to make and require minimum cleaning at the end. Kids can also try this craft and have fun.

Sock Monsters

Making sock monsters is also fun and easy since kids have the wildest imagination. This is also a toy that can be played with later.

Glittery bouncy balls

Kids can also make super bouncy balls. These are the ones that can be made by using a special kind of glue. To make it more fun you can glitter and tiny confetti inside the ball.

Memory Jar

Making a vacation memory jar is also a great idea so that the little one gets to tell her friends about all the fun things she did over the holidays.

Glittery Soaps

Perfect for a girly sleepover, you can gather around your daughter’s friends and make glitter soaps.

Bean Plants

Kids have done the Bean Project in their science class often. This task can be repeated at home.

Color powder fight

A great way to get your kids to play outside in the sun is to give them colored powder. Don’t worry about the mess, just be happy that they are getting their essential vitamin D.

Kinetic Sand

You can also make your kinetic sand. It’s a project that parents will enjoy with their kids.

Mason Jar Mania

A mason jar is also something fun to play around with. Involve your kid in making one.

No-Sew Toy

Next in line, we have the No-Sew Fleece Octopus. Another cool craft that you can make with your kid without having to use needles.

Birthday or party banners

If your kid has his birthday in summer and you are planning a party on the back lawn. Use this opportunity to take your kid’s help in making party sign banners.

Fairy Houses

Little girls are obsessed with fairy tales and fairies too. You can make them with your daughter by cutting plastic bottles from the center and adding other details.

Watercolor pillows

Watercolor pillows are amazing. They look gorgeous because of their pastel-colored look.

Dream catchers

Furthermore, we all are aware of what a dream catcher is. It is a beautiful concept where kids can learn more about their dreams and how they can pursue them.

Make your own Gooey Slime

Use the gooey slime everyone wants to play with and add some glitter to turn it into unicorn glitter.

Paper Fans

We all have made fans in our childhood. Revive this activity with kids too.

Bunny Poms Poms

You can also help your little one makes bunny poms poms. These are absolutely adorable. Kids will love playing with them later.

Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet Bingo is the best way to make your kid learn ABC! Make a board where you add the letters while your kid colors them.

Foosball Game

Turn the old shoebox into a Foosball Game. A super creative project for kids.

Marshmallow Toothpick Structure

If your kid is learning the atoms and neutrons in his science class, making marshmallow toothpick structures will be fun and helpful.

Rock Candy

Prepare Rock Candy with varying amounts of colors. Moreover, kids can cut several shapes and then connect them all to make hanging pieces for their room.

Baskets from Ice Cream Sticks

Create baskets out of vanilla sticks where kids can place their stuff in.


Bookmarks. They are not only fun to make, but also essential to use. This way, your kid will show interest in reading too.

Origami Baskets

Modular Origami Baskets can be a little tricky but interesting to make and use.

Make your own Crown

Girls play Pretend all the time. They can make themselves a crown too.

Make your own Donuts

More on the list, we have easy donuts that look almost real.

Caterpillar Clothespin

Then we have, the Pom Pom Caterpillar Clothespin made from tiny balls of cotton.

Paper Dinosaur Hat

Paper Dinosaur Hat is something your kids will love to make after they watch The Jurassic World with you!

Spin-finite Tops

Kids can also make Spin-finite tops. They are like Beyblade, just that these are made by hand which adds the interest of the child.

Chalk Pops

Make sidewalk chalk pops and use them to mark your game of Hopscotch.

Sneakers Fun

Turn an old pair of white blank sneakers into something much more fun and interesting. Use all your color pens and markers and add stickers as well, just the way you want it.

Lunchbox Stickers

Mothers can also involve their kids in the task of turning their lunchboxes into something fun. Add Pokémon stickers or Barbie cutouts.


Make a car from simple ordinary structures! A little tricky, but fun.

Play Dough

Do you know that you can make play dough at home? This is definitely something fun that kids will enjoy.


Make cute little pouches so that the kids can place their stationary or junk food in.

Unicorn Planters

Next in line, we have the Unicorn Planters where kids can make their own style of planters and plant their favorite types of plants.

Make ribbon wands

Your first-ever wand! Get a stick from your yard and wrap a ribbon around it to hide the woody area.

Paper Heart Mobile

This is something very pretty the kids are going to make for their room. Just like Hanging jellyfish, this Paper Heart Mobile will be hung in the room anywhere you like.

Ombre Tassel Necklaces

Girls love jewelry. If your daughter is having a party, you can give them several wooden spools and show them how to make pretty necklaces.

Lava Lamp

A great craft experiment that will bring out the science in your kid.

Paper Bowl

Paper Bowls require simple paper and glues that are readily available everywhere.

Make Crayon Candles

Crayon candles are simply candles that have been decorated with crayons. Kids can make them by melting crayons in a microwave-safe bowl, pouring the melted crayons into a silicone mold, and allowing the wax to harden. Once the wax has hardened, the crayon candles can be removed from the mold and used just like any other candle.


It is always a great idea to engage the little ones in something that helps them learn. Making crafts will busy them with something creative and they will also learn how to work together with their friends developing traits of teamwork and discipline.


What are good craft ideas for kids?

Crafting is a fantastic way for children to explore their imagination and express themselves. It also serves as an entertaining activity that they can enjoy! If you’re looking for some excellent craft ideas, consider these:

-Prepare your kids Caddy!
-Painting wooden boxes
-Making a Bunny Poms Poms
-Making a Sponge Balls
-Making a Paper Dinosaur Hat
-Creating ribbon wands

What can a 10 year old craft?

Some possible crafts for a 10 year old include making friendship bracelets, drawing portraits, or creating origami animals.

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