We have often heard the phrase “The world is becoming a global village”. 

Thanks to the increase in the use of media and especially the world wide web, people all over the world are coming closer than ever before and traveling to remote areas and to different parts of the world. 

Even if they are not traveling, there is plenty of information available on the internet about countries, that even a decade ago nobody knew that they even existed. 

Here are the 8 best places to travel with family;

Even those who have not traveled much are not considering the aspects of leaving their cities to see what else is there out in the world. 

With this newfound love for travel, there has also been an increase in the number of airlines, travel systems as well as hotel and accommodation booking websites springing up, that are not just locally based but have a global outreach. Traveling across the globe has never been easier!

With traveling becoming easier it is also becoming cheaper as well, in the sense that there are cheaper options cropping up as tourism is increasingly becoming an important industry in many countries. 

Whether you like an island vacation, big city life, or relaxing in the mountains, there are options available at every possible price and in every possible region, whether you are traveling from Asia, Europe, or the Americas, the list of possibilities is endless! So let’s see what places made it to our top picks of must-visit places with family


This is becoming one of the top travel destinations in the world. Azerbaijan or the “land of fire” is based between Asia and Europe and shares commonalities as well as stark differences between both continents. It is a blend of historical empires while there is newness on the streets as it is rapidly changing and transforming itself to meet the world of today.

The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku, which is listed in the UNESCO sites with a lot of history in its architecture along with a blend of 21st-century newness while it is perched on the shore of the Caspian Sea. 

There are not many foreigners there yet the language would not be much of an issue. It is quite interesting that most people do not know much about this country which was a former soviet state. 

Baku is a must-visit place if you want to experience the rich culture, the mix of Paris, London, and Rome in the architecture as well as delicious food. 

If you are fond of historical places you can visit the 1,000-year-old Maiden tower or if you want to experience some beauty of nature at its best, then Azerbaijan is one such place where there are 11 climate zones, from central lowlands to a semi-desert and rainforests, there are also hills and mountains to see. 

When it comes to activities, there is scuba diving, ski resorts in the north as well as sunbathing options at the beaches. If you are into shopping, you can find all the expensive brands as well as cheap street shopping. When it comes to Azerbaijan, You can get the best of everything, which is why it made our list of the top 8 finest places to travel with family.

South Korea

When it comes to the Far East, most people never talk much about South Korea as a travel destination and most of the focus remains on Singapore, Mauritius, Maldives, or Thailand. 

South Korea is actually one of the lesser explored destinations in the world. There are some great attractions to be seen all over South Korea, that even most south Koreans have not seen at all. 

If you are into city life then Seoul, one of the biggest cities in South Korea is a definite place to visit among the others. It is an excellent combination of contemporary design, culture, and parks, with lots of green spaces and cycle areas. 

The day can start early in Seoul if you wish, with a temple visit along with your favorite cup of coffee at a trendy cafe. The street food will energize you from a street tent bar after which you can party at Itaewon or Hongdae or indulge in the fancy saunas and spas or simply play online games at a local PC bang. 

There is also great shopping, whether you want it from a high-end mall or from local streets. South Korea, however, is not limited to Seoul alone and there are a lot more attractions to see once you are there. 

The volcanic crater at Jeju Island should not be missed and is a must-see. It was formed by Hydro volcanic eruptions about 5,000 years ago. It is a UNESCO world heritage site which is very popular for the beautiful sight when the sun is rising over it. It is known as the Seongsan Sunrise Peak. 

Another must-see place is the Darangee Village, a well-preserved yet small-sized village in the west of Namhae-gun and has tiny little fields on a mountain slope against the deep blue sea. It gives a breathtaking sight which is an absolute must-visit. South Korea this way combines the best of city life along with beautiful sights of nature, coupled with great shopping and food, and all of this at quite a reasonable cost!


This might come as a surprise to many as to how this country made it to the list. Pakistan, as referred to by many, is the “difficult child of South Asia” with many political and social problems in hand along with instability, there is still a lot to see and to do in this “land of pure” which the name of the country literally means. 

It is blessed with all four seasons; it has beautiful beaches, a desert, forests as well as mountains and lakes up on the northern side. 

Pakistan is a popular destination for mountain climbers and hikers, with the world’s second-highest mountain that is the K2 from the Himalayan Mountains. 

There is a lot more of the northern natural beauty to see in the cities of Hunza valley and Gilgit Baltistan. 

If you are more into city life, then Karachi the largest metropolitan city in Pakistan is home to more than 18 million people and is known to be the city of lights. 

It is one of the cheapest cities in the world with all types of shopping, be it designer wear or local brands, it has everything. From modern-style shopping malls to fast food chains and cafes, you can have everything you want. 

Another interesting place to visit is the city of Chitral to see the Kalash tribe who are known to be the descendent of the soldiers of Alexander the Great’s army. 

These people follow their own religious beliefs and have many fun and colorful festivals throughout the year. 

Visiting Pakistan however should be done under special care due to the law and order situation as it is synonymous with high crime rates and unrest. Pakistan however is a place where you can have everything you want, a relaxing vacation by the mountains or the beach or a crazy and fun night in the city.

This is why Pakistan made it our must-see place, as it is underrated and most people are not aware of what it has to offer.


Nepal is yet another great as well as a cheap destination to visit if you are making a bucket list of must-see places with your family. 

It is yet another one of the travel destinations that many people do not know about; here you can have a great and a value for money vacation for the whole family, without having to spend an arm and a leg for it.

Again, Nepal is one place that is blessed with natural beauty that is a must see yet it is a relaxing place with great food and even better shopping. 

Their seafood is known to be very fresh and popular while their flavors are similar to other south Asian cuisines delicious and finger-licking! Nepal lies between India and Tibet Kathmandu is their biggest city. 

Nepal boasts beautiful forests to Himalayan peaks to being a tiger habitat and also a hunting ground for snow leopards. Culturally, Nepal is very rich with beautiful temples, many of which are part of world UNESCO heritage sites. 

Most people are friendly and helpful with a great attachment to their traditional ways. With beautiful landscapes and natural beauty, Nepal makes it to our list of places to visit with family as this again is a country that not many people know much about yet there is so much to do and to see in this country which can surely provide you with a memorable vacation at a cheap price!


Russia is a country that shares its borders with Norway, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Poland, and Lithuania amongst others. 

It is quite a big country and makes it to the news quite often. Yet, the traveling aspect of this country has sadly, never been expressed much. 

Russia, like many other countries, is a great tourist spot and a destination with so much to see and so much to do all over the country. Although the country is overall a cold country throughout the year, you can experience all the seasons in different parts of the country. 

Moscow is the capital city of Russia and it is equipped with endless attractions for all. Moscow is home to the founding site of the country which is known as the Kremlin and Red Square. 

Moreover, all over the city, you can see the remnants of communist history in the form of museums and statues on the streets and monuments of fallen heroes. Museums showcase Lenin and Stalin where you can learn more about them and much more about the history of you are interested – in the cold war museum. 

There is quite a lot of history of the soviet nation and many places like some cafes or arcades give the feel of the Soviet times. Moscow is also known for their high regard for art, history, and culture along with a theatre and performing arts. 

The Bolshoi theatre is quite famous and a must-visit place if you are a fan of such attractions. St Petersburg is yet another city that is also a must-visit if you have decided to go to Russia. 

This place boasts beautiful canals and more than 300 bridges which are sprawled all over the city, due to which it is sometimes known as the Venice of the north. The city is simply beautiful just to walk around at night with its baroque architecture and neoclassical palaces. 

St Petersburg is also high on arts and culture and you can see all types of art whether it is the Picasso or an Egyptian mummy.  There are also ballet and opera as well as classical concerts happening all year round, so if you are into these then this is the place where you must visit!


Georgia is a country in Eastern Europe that is one of the hidden gems. It is a great vacation spot, with affordable deals all year round. It is set off against the black sea near Russia, Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. 

It is perched somewhere between Asia and Europe and represents a remarkable mix of both cultures and landscapes. It is again, a great place to visit due to its natural beauty, and tourist attractions and it boasts everything from tall mountains to the black sea attraction to wine-growing valleys.

It has a mix of everything with low levels of corruption and crime rates. The most popular location to visit in Georgia is Tbilisi which gives the picturesque architecture of the whole city, along with the high quality of arts and a rich cultural heritage that those who appreciate such things will surely enjoy. The lists of hotels are a great mix of backpackers as well as well-known international chains. 

Kutaisi is yet another city in Georgia that is also a must as it boasts historical sites and many natural and cultural attractions. Moreover, the people of Georgia are known to be very helpful and friendly. So whether you are taking your family or going for your honeymoon, Georgia is a low-budget great vacation spot!


Another place that should be a great spot for visiting is Austria. 

This country requires a whole month of traveling with so many sights and places and cities to see and experience. 

To walk around in Austria is like walking around in a museum with so many beautiful attractions and historical things to see and do. 

There is a beautiful mix of everything from great food and shopping to easy access to public transport and travel to high-end cafes to low-end street food, you can simply make your own unique choices. 

This place is a must-visit for art fanatics especially to Vienna to experience the art collection in person. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna has about 2,100 pieces of art from the Habsburgs. There is also a place for historic arms and armor. 

Salzburg is the city where you can take a tour of the location of the famous movie and the sound of music while the city of Graz has the largest armory in the world which you can visit and see in person. 

Another must-visit place is the small town of Erl which is beautiful where you can relax and listen to beautiful classical music. It is an alpine village with quite a big population of cows, it experienced a lot of bloodshed during the second world war due to its closeness to German borders.

Last words

The above is still not an exhaustive list of the places to visit with family, however, this should be a start. 

There are many beautiful places all over the world, but there are many which are unknown to a large majority of people, and such places should be made known so people know what other options they have. 

Many places are restricted due to the law and order situations but if you are genuinely interested, and then you can still visit such places as the travel restrictions are usually temporary. 

Traveling is really a great sport to do, as it makes you learn and experience so many different people, cultures, languages, arts, and food. As long as you have a working passport and some money in your bank account, the options are endless for you to travel, with locations that can be low-end to high-end, there is always a place to fit into your budget!

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